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Mitchell Simone partners with global brands to provide a complete ecommerce solution for the brand’s website. All aspects from site creation to getting the products shipped out the door are handled at our offices and distribution center located in Columbia, Missouri.  Our services include assistance with site design and build, daily content maintenance, product entry, inventory management, customer service, order fulfilment, warehousing, and even product photography.

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An ecommerce website is different from an image website or a mere informational website. If the goal is to sell a product, you need a company that knows how to get it done. We don’t build the website and walk away either. We build it and then run it. If the site isn’t performing as it should be, we make the necessary changes until it is. And we continue to evolve the site as the industry changes. A site managed by Mitchell Simone is never outdated.

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The content on an ecommerce website is vital to keeping visitors coming back and needs to be updated frequently. Mitchell Simone has team members dedicated to maintaining everything visitors see and experience on the site. We work with brand management to provide new content to the site including videos, banners, social media integration, and upcoming special promotions. If the media isn’t provided, we have outside graphic designers and photographers available to produce whatever media is needed.

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You can’t sell your products if they aren’t on the site. Getting them on the site is often a labor-intensive project. The team at Mitchell Simone will compile all the necessary data from each supplier, organize product attributes and filters, design a menu hierarchy, and do the data-entry to ensure that all your products are available on the site ahead of schedule.

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If your products require photography, we have you covered. Mitchell Simone has an in-house photographer that can handle most any catalog photography. If your items require being shot on models, we can facilitate the necessary photo shoot to get the job done. Our team will handle gathering all the products to be photographed and get them prepared for the site. This includes both the photography and the editing of the images. Image originals are provided to the brand for their own marketing purposes.

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Though many ecommerce service providers are only interested in being the middle man to facilitate drop-shipped orders, Mitchell Simone has a distribution center to warehouse your products and a staff to process and ship your orders.

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The customer service department is the contact point between the customer and the brand so this is not an facet of the business to be taken lightly. The Mitchell Simone customer service representatives assigned to a brand become experts regarding product knowledge and go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. Mitchell Simone truly prides itself on providing the best customer service possible.
The information gathered by customer service reps is invaluable and they are the first to receive feedback on new products, promotion, and technology being used by the brand. That information is recorded, compiled into reports, and presented to brand management for review. If there is a problem, it gets resolved. If a product is showing early promise, measures are taken to maximize future sales.  At Mitchell Simone, the customer service team is integral to efficiently managing your ecommerce business.

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Most of the time the report a company needs isn’t one of the standard "Out of the Box" reports. We know your data comes from multiple sources like your ecommerce platform, OMS, IMS, ESP, and Google Analytics.  Regardless of the complexity, we have the expertise to combine the data from multiple sources and create the report you need.

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